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workshop Seminar

professionals of innovations companies

Paris 20-21 May 2021

Topic: Sustainability and Data management" - Useful for the decision makers

The workshop is organised by the Mandala, SDMI Research Centre 

The event aims to provide to solve many of the day-to-day challenges that sustainability managers face, effective data management can also lead to several other benefits. It can help you uncover savings in utility bills, respond faster to Data management be in a better position to attract and retain top talent, improve market position due to transparency, increase access to capital and enhance your overall decision-making capabilities. The possibilities are truly endless — but it all hinges on the data.

This workshop while provide new methods of Data governance better control and management of data enables strategy, how to improves outcomes and reduces risk. It can be recognized as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Successful data management organizations create institutional awareness and knowledge regarding the value, utility, and relevance of their data at all levels. New models of Data mining will present as cornerstone of data analytics, helping to develop the models that can uncover connections within millions of records.

Description of the track

This joint workshop will appear an opportunity to discuss with companies without a grasp on sustainability data management. While utility energy data are accessible and easily associated with emissions, many companies will be expected to go well beyond this scope in their disclosures. Transport, process, fugitive, and Sustainability management emissions, for example, require data that is often not immediately accessible and documented modelling of that data that will be unique to each company. Preparing yearly energy and carbon reports could become a significant overhead cost for companies without embedded processes for handling sustainability data.

These two days conferences will argue various service ranging from business travel operators, insurance companies, transport service providers to dedicated emission and conversion factor data providers are now able to provide you with relevant data. Given that the reporting focus is shifting more and more towards material issues in the value chain it is virtually impossible to manage all the data from the suppliers down to the source for companies.

Key topics and research questions of the track

We encourage contributions that address one or more of the listed topics above, using qualitative analyses and case studies, empirical analyses and developing theoretical frameworks. For this track, we also welcome the submission of author(s) and working groups that are willing to discuss their work-in-progress (short papers).  This track also opens the possibility of submitting papers to the special issue: ” Sustainability and Data management “; in the Mandala Research Centre.

Mandala distinguishes its reader base in the following categories, each one with its needs:

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

Cyber City Analyst

Machine Learning Analyst

Portfolio Director

Personal Data Broker

Business Development Manager

Digital Tailor

Highway Controller

Ethical Sourcing Manager

Constructions engineers


HR Managers

This Topic also opens the possibility of submitting papers to the special issue: “Sustainability and Data Management”; in the Mandala Research Centre.

Mandala distinguishes its reader base in the following categories, each one with its needs:

The title of your message should read “Submission to 2nd workshop-seminar for professionals of the Sustainability and Data management / [n – i] ”, where n is the number of the key topic of your paper (amongst the list of 14 topics listed above) and i the category reader.

The deadline for submissions is 30/03/2021

All submissions must use the submission template and use the submission procedure on the webpage otherwise they will not be considered for review.

Submission of Abstracts (between 500 & 700 words, plus main references): 30/03/2021

The registration for the conference is open until 30/03/2021

*Only papers presented at the conference will be included in the official conference proceedings.

Submitted abstracts should be relevant with the overall conference theme objectives and at least one of the conference sub-themes, should be written in English or French, and should be submitted in time. All contributions must be original (i.e. not been published elsewhere), follow academic writing, structure and methodology. 

Participants will be requested to pay a registration fee of 50 EUR(€) for the paper evaluation.

Submissions will be blind refereed by at least two anonymous reviewers who will decide whether the proposed abstracts will be accepted or not. All accepted and presented abstracts will be included in conference proceedings. 

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