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workshop Seminar

professionals of innovations companies

Paris 24-25 June 2021

Topic: What kind of companies do we need in the future?

The workshop is organised by the Mandala, SDMI Research Centre 

Participants will have the opportunity to understand what kind of knowledge we need for future businesses, such as: knowledge acquisition and transparency throughout the organization should become part of daily operations. By experimenting with non-traditional programs such as boot camps, consumer learning, contests and hackathons, employees will be able to learn and learn continuously. In the future, employees will use avatar, language software, chat interfaces and real-time dialect translation to work and talk with team members. At present, today’s businesses consist of a group of people gathered from the reporting structure or in an ad hoc manner. Therefore, teamwork is seen as a behavioral necessity – to strengthen team spirit and cooperation – rather than a legitimate organizational principle. Thanks to mobile G technology and easily accessible internet, remote workers are already commonplace. Businesses do not have to be on the same site. This will make it easier for the next generation of workers to choose to live anywhere, rather than find a job and then move to a city with that job. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics will make this shift as important as mechanization in previous generations of agriculture and manufacturing.

Description of the Topic

This joint workshop provides an opportunity to discuss the type of business we need in the future. To assess the business sentiment for these changes, we will research innovative businesses. Respondents work in roles such as analysts, engineers, human resources, educators and healthcare providers (but generally not in on-the-job jobs, such as cashiers or assembly line workers). We will explore their attitudes towards flexibility, productivity (in individual, collaborative and managerial tasks), prosperity, career security, social connectivity, culture, learning and development, and the work tools they use. Through this conference, taking into account the speed and scale of change, we will discuss with employers the issue of staff moving to remote work, we will present the productivity. The workshop will try to reveal the future expectations of companies, the flexible ways of working, the future technological environment. Finally designs of appropriate, sustainable work models will be presented, which are vital to the success of innovative businesses.

Key topics and research questions of the track

We encourage contributions that address one or more of the listed topics above, using qualitative analyses and case studies, empirical analyses and developing theoretical frameworks. For this Topic, we also welcome the submission of author(s) and working groups that are willing to discuss their work-in-progress (short papers).  This Topic also opens the possibility of submitting papers to the special issue: ” What kind of companies do we need in the future “; in the Mandala Research Centre.

Mandala distinguishes its reader base in the following categories, each one with its needs:

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

Cyber City Analyst

Machine Learning Analyst

Portfolio Director

Personal Data Broker

Business Development Manager

Digital Tailor

Highway Controller

Ethical Sourcing Manager

Constructions engineers


HR Managers

This Topic also opens the possibility of submitting papers to the special issue: ” What kind of companies do we need in the future?”; in the Mandala Research Centre.

Mandala distinguishes its reader base in the following categories, each one with its needs:

The title of your message should read “Submission to 3rd workshop-seminar for professionals HR and chief operators  / [n – i] ”, where n is the number of the key topic of your paper (amongst the list of 12 topics listed above) and i the category reader.

The deadline for submissions is 30/04/2021

All submissions must use the submission template and use the submission procedure on the webpage otherwise they will not be considered for review.

Submission of Abstracts (between 500 & 700 words, plus main references): 30/04/2021

The registration for the conference is open until 30/04/2021

*Only papers presented at the conference will be included in the official conference proceedings.

Submitted abstracts should be relevant with the overall conference theme objectives and at least one of the conference sub-themes, should be written in English or French, and should be submitted in time. All contributions must be original (i.e. not been published elsewhere), follow academic writing, structure and methodology. 

Participants will be requested to pay a registration fee of 50 EUR(€) for the paper evaluation.

Submissions will be blind refereed by at least two anonymous reviewers who will decide whether the proposed abstracts will be accepted or not. All accepted and presented abstracts will be included in conference proceedings. 

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