Audit and Risk

Learn now the best risks to monitor and minimize.

Navigate today's changing and complex risk landscape

The Mandala Quarterly Emerging Risk Report uses insights from a management and audit executive to provide corporate risk management (ERM) leaders with an overview of the high emerging risks they need to monitor and take action on. Download the report to see the high risks that senior executives need to keep on their radar

Quantitative audit coverage at the speed of business
Explore three strategies for measuring audit coverage by implementing an internal audit perspective in a high-change environment.

As revealed in the mandala survey of 100+ audit executives, as revealed in the mandala survey of 100+ audit executives, 75 percent of audit departments also learn about changing business processes, although 67% of project committees learn about changing business processes. We acknowledge that providing an audit vision contributes meaningfully to risk reduction. Audit leaders can add significant value to the high-change areas of the organization by providing an audit vision.

  • Download this Mandala report to learn more about these three strategies to implement the audit vision
  • Developing skills and tools that can be used again and again to provide foresight.
  • To help provide foresight to auditors by streamlining the methods of implementation in changing areas.
  • Training auditors to identify opportunities to provide foresight.
About auditing in business speed report

This research is based on interviews with more than 100 audit heads from all industries, geographies and sector levels. We also examined 111 chief audit executives and conducted a group survey of their business partners Perspectives on how internal auditing adds value to business provide a foresight in flight initiatives and in-flow processes. Learn how internal auditing can measure dynamic processes With these insights learn how internal auditing can measure the security of changing processes and high-change areas in the organization by providing an audit perspective.

Anatomy of an effective person ESG project

Reveal the key elements of a high-impact corporate environment, social and governance (ESG) program. In times of rapid social change, companies can use ESG programs to shape corporate intent and set goals in line with stakeholders Expectations. Facing Rising Comparative, Stackholder and Social Pressures, Organizations Must Rethinking the Approach to SK. Our anatomy of an effective ESG program the eBook reveals the four components of an effective ESG plan and how to take action on the ESG strategy and goals.

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  • Components of high impact corporate ESG scheme
    Step to Developing a Strategy-Driven Esk Program
    How to Incorporate the Organization’s Esk Practices into Strategic Decision Making and Operational Execution.