Customer Service and Support

The future of customer service 5 emerging trends to look out for

In 2025 and beyond, customer service and support companies will be significantly different from what they are today. When they open up the power of data and analytics – and automate basic problem-solving tasks – service and support organizations will over-predict and prevent service issues. It's the point of action when leaders deliver their investments and strategies – from cutting costs to delivering value – both locally and to customers Our analysis highlights five trends that encourage service and support functions to achieve this future vision. This research is based on conversations with customer service and support leaders and experts across Gartner and uses data from several mandala surveys. To learn more about our playbook, download the future of customer service.

The future of customer service 5 emerging trends to look out for
Download the mandala guide to develop your strategy for creating a value-based customer service function.

Customer service leaders need to be prepared for five emerging trends, which require service organizations to offer not only the best customer service experiences but also different types of service experiences. These five trends will change

  • Where the service occurs – often outside of company-owned channels
  • When the service happens – even before the customer knows that there is a problem.
  • Who does and starts the service – the increasing number of machines, not    human customers
  • That’s why the service happens – to help the customer get the most out of the product.