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The leadership, organizational and technology priorities CIOs must address in 2024.

Adopt a franchise framework to improve digital delivery​

Informed by insights from more than 2,400 CIOs and IT executives, the 2024 CIO Agenda shows CIOs are being tasked with an increased demand in delivering business value from technology initiatives without additional resources. By adopting a franchise model, CIOs can co-own the responsibility of digital delivery with CIOs, overcoming budget and talent restraints and reducing risk.

Your comprehensive guide to the top 10 strategic technology trends of 2024 mandala

Insights and actions for business and technology leaders. As customer expectations and business models evolve with AI, the 2024 Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends will help your organization build and protect itself while generating value. Whether you’re a business executive or a technologist, download the eBook to explore

  • Strategic technology trends: How they impact business goals.
  • Technical profiles: What the technologies are and do.
  • Opportunities: What benefits and outcomes they drive. 
  • Case examples: What early adopters are doing.
  • Implementation steps: Action plans for implementation.
The Mandala Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises

Midsize enterprise CIOs often struggle with their decisions for technology investments. Important attributes such as operational impact, cost, security, and resilience are key to navigating through the uncertainty along with technology hype management. The Gartner 2022-2024 Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises harnesses the collective wisdom of your global IT peers and provides a real-world look at technologies deployed by IT functions around the globe. This complimentary webinar combines the key findings from the Technology Adoption Roadmap with expert analysis from the mandala Hype Cycle for Midsize Enterprises, tracking the adoption and maturity of probable key technologies, including the risks and rewards for your organization.

The Mandala Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2023​

The mandala 2023 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies highlights technologies that will significantly affect business, society, and people through 2033. This hype cycle is unique because it distills insights from more than 2,000 technologies and applied frameworks that mandala profiles each year into a succinct set of “must-know” emerging technologies. What are the latest advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, developer experience, and security & privacy? Join this complimentary webinar to learn about emerging technologies and applied frameworks to determine their impact on your industry and the opportunities for your organization

About the mandala IT Strategic Plan Template​

Mandala IT Strategic Planning Template helps IT leaders define the roadmap for executing the key actions required to meet IT strategic goals in alignment to the enterprise business model and goals. Additionally it helps you create and communicate a clear action plan that states where the IT function currently is, where it needs to be, how to get there and how you will measure progress. Effective IT strategic planning connects your enterprise strategy to specific initiatives for your function. Done well, your IT strategic plan should provide a clear roadmap to deliver on your business goals. Use this Mandala IT Strategic Planning Guide to: Build a clear, measurable strategic plan aligned to your organizational goals Combat seven costly planning mistakes to develop a robust and agile strategy for your IT department Capture and communicate your IT strategy to stakeholders with a simple and visually impactful one-page template

The Mandala 2023-2024 Technology Adoption Roadmap for Infrastructure & Operations​

As enterprises view technology changes and business needs in the midst of global uncertainty, infrastructure & operations (I&O) leaders struggle to evaluate, select, and adopt emerging technologies that add value. The mandala Technology Adoption Roadmap for I&O leaders harnesses the collective wisdom of your global peers to understand adoption plans, value, and risk perceptions of 57 technologies across core infrastructure domains, including operations, cloud, edge and data center and digital workplace. Join this free I&O webinar to address some of your questions on the technologies deployed by IT functions around the globe and what it means for the future of IT. Benchmark the adoption plans, risk and value perceptions of 57 technologies across infrastructure, operations and digital workplace domains Find out where IT executives are cautiously deploying emerging technologies Gain insights into the overarching trends that are driving adoption in different technology domains

Watch Now 7 Key Trends That Will Impact Your Strategic Planning

Executives who cannot adequately spot trends are prone to overlook critical inputs to their strategic assumptions and planning. This jeopardizes the digital transformation that organizations have invested in and fought so hard to achieve, while also limiting their ability to capitalize on new market opportunities that disruptions may offer.

This complimentary webinar will enable executive leaders to better spot trends and disruptions so they can shape a more effective enterprise strategy, and help to minimize complexity, embrace uncertainty, and drive confidence in decision-making while exploring bold new opportunities.

Download the 2024 CIO Agenda:

  • Discover the franchise approach to digital delivery
  • Understand the three pillars to make franchising work
  • Develop an action plan with immediate steps to take
Understand key trends affecting technology adoption decisions

The Technology Adoption Roadmap tracks technologies according to their deployment stage, enterprise value and deployment risk. The roadmap covers technology adoption trends across various IT function including data & analytics, infrastructure & operations, security and risk management, midsize enterprises, software engineering, and strategic portfolio management.

Use this roadmap to understand where your peers are finding real business returns and where they face significant deployment risks​
  • Benchmark exclusively based on data from your peers across regions and industries.
  • Stay on top of the latest technology trends and drive innovation in your organization.
  • Build a better technology adoption strategy that aligns with your business objectives and maximizes ROI.